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Tens Units for Your Neck Pain

A transcutaneous unit is a form of pain management. This unit is usually referred to as a tens unit. Tens nerve stimulator is used as a way to relieve pain all over the body. One of the best areas on the body to use a tens unit is on the neck. Neck pain is common in many individuals, but usually doesn’t require regular visits to the doctor. If you have chronic neck pain then you may want to look into getting a tens unit of your own. The devices are very easy to use and have many different uses.

A pain relief tens unit for you neck can serve as something that you do for your pain on a regular basis, or you can use it only when you have the pain for relief without having to take pain medications. The tens unit uses mild electrical signals sent to your nerves to help decrease your pain. It does take a little getting use to because the sensation is rather interesting, but once you are use to the initial feeling of the machine you will find that this is one of the best things out there to manage your pain. For home pain relief tens units are the way to go.

Tens units are available in many different forms. The most popular are portable tens units. These units are usually pocket size and can fit into a small handbag or even your laptop case. The units are also available in bigger sizes for home only use, however the portable ones are the most convenient in case you are wanting to take it with you on vacation or other overnight trips.

Tens units are great for treating all kinds of pain. They can be used for short term pain after minor accidents or surgeries and can also be used for long term pain from things like arthritis. You can also use tens units to treat chronic pain from cancer or other more serious conditions.

A tens unit works very simple, so just about anyone can use it. Sticky patches are placed on the skin around the area where the pain is located. The electrical signals travel through the wires attached to the tens unit, down to the sticky pads which have electrodes into them. The signal then passes into the body to relieve your pain. Every machine can be adjusted as far as the strength of the signal being sent, so you can have light or intense therapy on the areas. The signals are registered in the brain as a tingling sensation and this causes your brain to stop receiving the pain signals, thus lowering or completely eliminating your pain all together. Tens units can also increase the amount of endorphins released by your body, which also helps your pain level.

There are many ways that you can get a tens unit. Many times they can be prescribed by your healthcare provider. They may prescribe it for an extended amount of time or for short periods. Either way, they can show you how to use the unit and where to place the pads. Make sure that you are safe with the use of your tens unit and if you have any questions, be sure to ask your healthcare provider.